Well, heck. That was easy.

“Liquid Calling” is now available on the Kindle.  It was a little odd how easy that was.  I’ve had a harder time composing e-mails.  You just send it in, then it takes a day or two for their elves to process what you’ve given them.  And I need to work on what keywords I’ve given them and have to write better blurbs and what have you, but the basic process is cake.  I’ll start putting the rest of the stories up now as well as shiny new buttons on my sidebars linking to their store.

Also, my quest for covers is now a lot more pressing as the stories are going to look very plain and unloved without colorful pictures alongside them to boost their self-esteem.

So I guess that’s my job this week.  All 26 stories up on the Kindle.  Or, rather, 16 stories and the Matthew and Epp stories lumped all together.

Then it’s on to a print version.