The Contest: Week 1

Things are off and running over on the Contest page.  A handful of longtime readers have chimed in with thoughts, most indicating that they’d continue to think over the next few months.

There was also a strong opening salvo of people looking to name the book without reading it first, which is fine of course.  But as a lot of you have realized, you’re probably going to have a better chance coming up with a title I like if you read the book.

Then there seems to be some confusion about what needs a name.  I think some people are writing in suggestions to name a collection of short stories, when really what needs naming is a novel in ten parts.  It’s confusing.  Believe me I know.  That’s kind of why I’m doing this. But the book in question isn’t ten random stories, it’s a real book.  Not that I know for sure what people are thinking.  It just seems that some are thinking “Collection of Stories” and not “Novel.”  Right.

And of course there are some entries where the internet is being the internet and people are submitting gibberish and insults.  To be expected and, frankly, part of the fun.  Some of the more interesting stuff I’m leaving up but some of the more, shall we say, vulgar stuff isn’t going to stay on my site.

What will week two bring?  Tons of you are diving into Matthew and Epp’s world according to the stats and this thing is still wide open.

Come on, internet, name my book.