LocoRoco2 on your browser

Apparently this game exists for the PSP called LocoRoco.  And apparently it’s wildly popular, often being referred to as the flagship game of the system.  And apparently they’re making a sequel for it.  And a quick sample of that sequel is available for play online as a browser game.

It’s here.

Go play it.  More importantly, go play it with your sound on.

The game revolves around a bunch of blobs that need to…do something.  I’m not real clear on what.  But all you control is the landscape, and all you can really do is tilt it left so the blob on screen rolls left, or right so your blob friend rolls right.  And you can make your blob jump.

You don’t control the blob itself.  That’s very important.  The reason you don’t control the blobs in this world is because the blobs don’t really know how to do much of anything besides sing.  Which is why having your sound on is so important.

At first you’ll find your toes tapping to the peppy, very adorable song playing in the background.  Great.  Those are your blob friends singing.  Then you’ll progress a bit and get your first flower to grow, sparking a cascade of children’s laughter.  And then…and this is so ingenious it startled me…and then suddenly the song starts to change and the blobs start harmonizing in more complex ways.  And then you get more flowers.  And then your toes are tapping and your dancing in your chair and feverishly struggling to get more flowers so you can hear what comes next in the song.

I might have to buy this game.  Adorable blobs singing is so right up my alley.