The Contest: Week 4

Week four is over and I’ve been absent from this site for awhile.  Things have been busy at Casa de Devon as I’ve finally started to put the books together and format them before sending them off to the publisher.

This has entailed a lot of me realizing that I don’t know how to go about putting a book together and formatting it before sending if off to the publisher.  Not to mention covers.  Anyone have any idea how to design a cover?

Oh well, I’ve got over a month to work on that.

Over on the contest site things are moving along and we’ve topped a hundred entries total including the stuff on the site and the stuff e-mailed to me.  Which is, of course, very exciting.

Looking forward to more.


  1. You’ve reappeared on your blog just in time to find me wandering in having found you via the black box widget.

    Good luck with formatting your book