And the winners are…


The third and fourth place titles which have won their entrants signed copies of both books I’m about to publish are:

Angels of Choice


Pickpocket Souls

The second place title, which won somebody a $100 Amazon gift card is:

Practically Immortals

And the grand prize winner, which beat out 465 other entries to become the title of my latest book is (drum roll drum roll drum roll):

Probability Angels

The winners will be contacted.  Thank you so much everyone who entered.  I’ll be posting some thoughts on this process and some honorable mentions later.  Just wanted to get the big announcement out there for now before it got lost in the holiday shuffle.

High Crimes with the MagicPad App

badegg1If you have an iPhone, are evil and you download the MagicPad application, you can send emails to whomever you want from whomever you want.

It’s great fun.

Just write a note, send it using the rich text format, and it will not only ask you to enter an address to send it to, it will also ask you what address you’d like to send it from.

There are only three limitation: the first is that you can only write in the subject line; the second is that you can only send e-mails to one person at a time; and the third limitation is your imagination.

And yes I’ve e-mailed MagicPad and told them they might have a problem.

In fact, I e-mailed MagicPad from MagicPad and had them tell themselves that they’ve messed up pretty big time.

Progress is being made

ten2I have the list of possible titles narrowed down to ten.  This is a very strange process.

I will not be making my final decision until next week.  I say this for a number of reasons.

Partly because I want to take the weekend to really ponder this, partly because releasing the winners names on a Saturday or Friday night seems a bit lacking in showmanship, and partly because I had a third reason but can’t remember it right now.

But we’re down to ten.

Again, I apologize for any confusion my poorly written contest page might have caused about when the winners would be announced.

Pencils Down

pencils Aaaaaaand we’re done.

No more entries over at the contest.

I have shut down the comments.  Finito.  No mas.  Etc.

Now I need to pick these over and figure out which one wins.

I’ll be back on here in a few days to announce the winner.

Who wrote this stupid thing?

I’ve been reading over the contest rules and it turns out they don’t make any sense.   The timing of them anyway.

It says the winner will be announced on the 16th and in no way mentions when I’m going to stop accepting entries.

As far as I’m concerned I’m still accepting entries until midnight tonight (the 16th) so how can I possibly know what title I’m going with if there are still good ones coming in right up until the point when the contest ends which is when I’m supposed to announce…ugh.

The legal jargon mentions that the winner will be announced “on or around the 16th,” which is completely meaningless.  And the last line says that the list of winners will be made available on the 21st.

Bottom line is I want to keep the lines open until midnight tonight and give those entries a fair shot to be contemplated so I won’t actually be settling on a winner for a few days.

I apologize for any confusion that has erupted.

Kindle Giveaway, The Final Week (Sort of)


Six days left until the sun sets on this wondrous contest forever.

I looked up “sunset” on the page I use sometimes to get pics for this blog and this picture popped up.

That’s very much now the “cover” over at “One Final Push.”  Even though I wanted to try and use pics taken by me to fill out the covers…well that’s taking longer than I ever thought it would (you try finding a golden submarine to take a pic of) and this one is just too  perfect not to use.

Meanwhile over at the contest the entries have been rolling in.  I think we’re up near 300 now and the pace is picking up as the deadline draws near.  A fun recent phenomena is people who are using snippets of my own writing as their title suggestions.  I read the entry and think, “That sounds sort of familiar,” and then hours later I’ll be on the subway or something and I’ll suddenly realize that it sounds familiar because I wrote it and I’ll remember the scene it was in and I get a weird little rush.  It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo” in my subconscious.

Strong work, everyone.  This has been a lot of fun.  I’m thinking I enjoy giving away fabulous prizes.  We’ll be doing this again.

Kindle Shortage

Bad news.  The Kindle is sold out and Amazon isn’t expecting to meet new orders until sometime after Christmas.

Which sucks.

I was sort of worried this might happen and wanted to maybe order my prizes for the contest early, but not knowing which eReader the winner might choose, not to mention which country the winner would be from, made that impossible.

So if the winner wants a Kindle they’ll have to wait until supplies are replenished.

Which, again, sucks.  I apologize.  I really wanted to send out prizes in time for the holidays.

Proof is in the pudding

So fifteen of the short stories from the 26 Stories writing project have been combined into a normal old timey book type book.

For those of you doing the math at home, I wrote 26 stories last year.  10 of those were actually chapters in the larger story of Matthew and Epp…which needs a title.  Go here and name it.

That leaves 16 stories.  Except one of those was the children’s story about Mindy and Barlkley.  And I have no idea what to do with that.

Which leaves 15 stories.  Those 15 stories have been formatted and everything into a collection of short stories which went to the printer on Wednesday.  Now I need to order a proof copy and sign off on it and then it will be for sale.  Hopefully I didn’t screw anything up too badly.

It’s a hell of a process.

So that’s where we’re at.