High Crimes with the MagicPad App

badegg1If you have an iPhone, are evil and you download the MagicPad application, you can send emails to whomever you want from whomever you want.

It’s great fun.

Just write a note, send it using the rich text format, and it will not only ask you to enter an address to send it to, it will also ask you what address you’d like to send it from.

There are only three limitation: the first is that you can only write in the subject line; the second is that you can only send e-mails to one person at a time; and the third limitation is your imagination.

And yes I’ve e-mailed MagicPad and told them they might have a problem.

In fact, I e-mailed MagicPad from MagicPad and had them tell themselves that they’ve messed up pretty big time.