Kindle Giveaway, The Final Week (Sort of)


Six days left until the sun sets on this wondrous contest forever.

I looked up “sunset” on the page I use sometimes to get pics for this blog and this picture popped up.

That’s very much now the “cover” over at “One Final Push.”  Even though I wanted to try and use pics taken by me to fill out the covers…well that’s taking longer than I ever thought it would (you try finding a golden submarine to take a pic of) and this one is just too  perfect not to use.

Meanwhile over at the contest the entries have been rolling in.  I think we’re up near 300 now and the pace is picking up as the deadline draws near.  A fun recent phenomena is people who are using snippets of my own writing as their title suggestions.  I read the entry and think, “That sounds sort of familiar,” and then hours later I’ll be on the subway or something and I’ll suddenly realize that it sounds familiar because I wrote it and I’ll remember the scene it was in and I get a weird little rush.  It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo” in my subconscious.

Strong work, everyone.  This has been a lot of fun.  I’m thinking I enjoy giving away fabulous prizes.  We’ll be doing this again.