Who wrote this stupid thing?

I’ve been reading over the contest rules and it turns out they don’t make any sense.   The timing of them anyway.

It says the winner will be announced on the 16th and in no way mentions when I’m going to stop accepting entries.

As far as I’m concerned I’m still accepting entries until midnight tonight (the 16th) so how can I possibly know what title I’m going with if there are still good ones coming in right up until the point when the contest ends which is when I’m supposed to announce…ugh.

The legal jargon mentions that the winner will be announced “on or around the 16th,” which is completely meaningless.  And the last line says that the list of winners will be made available on the 21st.

Bottom line is I want to keep the lines open until midnight tonight and give those entries a fair shot to be contemplated so I won’t actually be settling on a winner for a few days.

I apologize for any confusion that has erupted.