And We’re Live

launchI’m not sure how to go about launching a new book.  But I think it goes something like this:

Probability Angels and 15 Stories are now both available for sale over at amazon.


This is what they look like:

Probability Angelscrappycover1

This is not a drill, people, these are live.

Over the next few weeks we here at Joseph Devon Industries will be rolling out a new website along with a new contest, maybe two, and basically doing everything in our power to turn you meat bags who enjoyed reading these stories into dynamic Joseph Devon selling machines.

Basically I’m going to encourage you early and encourage you often to tell friends about me and to please please please go to the amazon page and post a quick little 5-Star review as well as suggest key words in their tagging program.

I must become one with the amazon algorithm.

There are people out there who are dying to read these books…they just don’t know it yet; it is now our job to make it as easy as possible for those people to find them.