Ideas Wanted

underground-lairSo I’ve been away for awhile.  I haven’t actually been anywhere but with the holidays and the new year and what have you I haven’t been around on the site much.

Although that’s also because I’ve been up to no good planning all sorts of things in the background here.  Outside of the two books that are about to be released there are also plans to revamp the website with a bold new fresh look as well as maybe holding another contest and maybe throwing in some giveaways.  Not to mention I’m finally going to reveal who shot JR.

But right now I have bigger things to plan.  I am currently deep within my underground bunker(the picture in the top left is me at the entrance to said bunker) with some of the top marketing minds of our time coming up with dazzling ways to get the word out about Probability Angels.

So if you have any ideas on ways to get new readers to dive into Matthew and Epp’s world, seriously, I’ll be brainstorming all day.  Feel free to drop me an email.