We must elect Jim Brown Governor of something

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

I was watching Predator the other night.

I noticed that it starred Arnold Schwarzenegger:


It also stars Jesse “The Body” Ventura:


You see where I’m going with this?

Both these men have been/are Governors.  There’s a trifecta brewing here.  Now.  My first thought was that we could elect Carl Weathers Governor of something:


But for some reason I don’t see that happening.

Then I remembered that Arnold and Jesse “The Body” also starred in The (highly underrated) Running Man.

The odds of us electing Professor Sub Zero…


…or Dynamo…


…seem as bad as the odds on Carl Weathers.  Richard Dawson seemed like a good bet…


…but he’s dead.

And then I remembered Fireball:


That’s Jim Brown for the love of god.  Beloved Cleveland icon, Football Hall of Famer, social worker with troubled youths involved in gangs.

This man could carry Ohio.  This man could become Governor.  This man could make the movie The Running Man the answer to the single greatest trivia question of all time: What 80’s action flick starred THREE United States Governors before the starts of their political careers.

We must elect Jim Brown Governor…of something.


  1. i like this logic……

  2. Great thought process. Although they also shared Batman and Robin 1997 and according to IMDB, (I don’t remember) Coolio was in that movie too. How about Governor Coolio?