A Video From Japan

I honestly have no idea how to preface this. Somewhere behind the posting of this video is a desire to express my absolute love of Japan, a country I have never even been close to visiting, a fact which creates some odd conflicts.  I’m well aware that I don’t actually know anything about Japan, that reading Shogun and some wikipedia articles about the 47 Ronin doesn’t give me any real insight into the culture of The Land of the Rising Sun.  And yet, it is this preposterously distorted view of Japan that I love so much.  I might love the real Japan if I ever went there but that probably won’t be happening anytime soon so what I have is a weird perspective of Japan viewed through YouTube clips and stand up comedy routines and trips to the Met.

It’s sort of like how I never actually eat real Italian food.  What I eat, in reality, is American-Italian food.  And even that starts to break down into different things.  You go a little further north to Providence and they use more clams and potatoes in their Italian cuisine, in Ohio they put chili on their pasta and in California they overcook their pasta and then pour awful red sauce on it.  Every culture gets viewed through the filter of your own personality and geography…and also now I’m hungry.

My point here is that videos like the following give me great joy, not only for the obvious “that monkey is riding a segway” reasons, but also because of how much happiness I get out of trying to reconstruct just what in the hell is going on from the oh so many bizarre details.  Yes, it’s a monkey on a segway, but why is there footage of a studio audience in the upper left the entire time? Who’s genius decision was it to put the monkey and the man with him in matching sets of overalls? What do the speech bubbles that appear allowing the monkey to “talk” say? And what the figgedy fuck sort of television show spawns five straight minutes of footage like this?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…a monkey on a segway:


  1. I especially like the slow-motion replay!