The “We’re Already Out of Contests” Contest

confusedmonkeythumbSo…yeah.  We came up with a bunch of ideas for new contests for April, but they all seemed like warmed over “Pick Your Favorite Blank” sort of ideas and we wanted to give you something more interesting.

The answer was simple.  You tell us what contests you want and if we like your idea the best we’ll throw a $50 Amazon Gift Card your way.

The rules will be familiar to those who have been here before.  Leave a comment on the official contest page with your idea for a contest we can run, anything at all, we like crazy ideas.  Then, on April 30th, we’ll shut down the comments and pick our favorite and that person will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

You artsy types out there can think of this as us using the internet as a surrealist medium where contests beget more contests and nothing is what it seems.  The rest of you can just have fun.

If you’re hoping for some tips on what we’re looking for…well truthfully we’re looking for contests that we wouldn’t normally think of so tips are perhaps counter-productive.  But if you need them I guess you can keep in mind that contests have three main goals for us.

We like contests that:

  1. Give our audience a chance to have some fun.
  2. Encourage new readers to interact with my fiction and the site.
  3. Put me in the same room as attractive women.

If you hit 1 and 2 you’re doing just fine.

So go throw your zany ideas our way, and good luck.