March’s Contest Winner

So the “Pick Your Favorite Character Contest” drew to a close last night…or the night before…I don’t feel like thinking ahead in time to figure out when this post is actually going to surface on the site.

The lucky winner, Gem (that’s the name they typed in so that’s the name I’m using…my apologies Gem if I’m using the wrong part of your name), has been notified by email and there’s not much left to do except break down all the results into a pie chart. Naturally.

Here it is:


Wow, do my Excel abilities suck.  I’m not kidding you, and this comes from someone who hates baking, but I’m pretty sure I could have presented this data better with an actual pie.

Anyway, thanks to all who entered.  We’re hard at work behind the scenes here coming up with the next contest.  Wheels are spinning, gears are turning, hamsters are running and all that good stuff.

I’ll be in touch.