My Photos

I’ve been taking photos for almost a year now and outside of family pics, which I send around to relatives, I’ve really been doing absolutely nothing with the shots I take.  I’m going to look into a Flickr account…I think…I have so very many accounts on so very many websites I kind of want to curtail that.

For now, though, I decided to pick out some of my favorite shots and share them on here. You can click on any of these (I think) to get a larger view.

We’ll start with some baskets I saw at a street fair:Baskets

Baskets 2

The neon sign on the booze store by me:



This one is great.  That’s the Boat Pond in Central Park that these lunatics are standing on:

Boat Pond

My morning coffee:


Spring has sprung:

White Flowers

Purple Flowers

Yellow Flowers

Signage at Gray’s Papaya:

Grays Papaya

These two are fun.  Readers of Probability Angels might remember in “Part 4: A Body At Rest” when Epp talks about the biggest push of his existence. That whole section takes place around Bethesda Fountain in Central Park which is pictured below.  The mix of the setting plus the footprints lingering in ice stuck with me:

Bethesda Fountain

Footprints in Ice

This is leading into the tunnel right outside the fountain:


This is another tunnel…I like tunnels:

Man in a Tunnel

And arches.  Gotta love arches.  After all tunnels are just fancy arches.  This is from The Cloisters:

Arch at Cloisters

This is my hood.  I love the color of the sky in this shot. Granted I probably Photoshopped it to look like that, but that’s how I remember it and in the end that’s all that matters:

Upper West Side

This sign always cracks me up. I don’t know what a drunk bird next to a dismembered hand on a stack of magazines has to do with being wild…but there you go:

Forever Wild Sign

Some stacks of fences:


We’ll end with this one.  Just a sticker on a bench but probably my favorite photo I’ve taken since I got my new camera:



  1. you are a very talented photographer. Maybe that would be an easier profession to break into!