The Theater of the Crapulent

curtainsA hush falls over the crowd as they sit, entranced, unchewed popcorn dissolving in their mouths as the curtain begins to rise.

During my scrambling around behind the scenes here I sometimes create things that have no business seeing the light of day.  An attempt to teach myself how to use a snippet of code correctly will have me putting useless widgets up or some new feature I stumble onto with my camera will have me taking 800 pictures of a stop sign.

Some of these things, even though I created them with no intent to ever look at them again, I find myself going back to over and over, usually because they make me laugh.

A few weeks ago I wanted to try out some things in Photoshop and wound up making a comic strip I affectionately called, “The Adventures of Joe and Charles,” based (incredibly loosely) on what things are like around the ol’ office when management and I are meeting.

Because this ridiculous thing has provided me with endless joy (and because I possibly might make more) I have decided to share.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, “The Adventures of Joe and Charles.”

The Adventures of Joe and Charles