May’s Contest Shall Turn to June

thefutureJust a quick note on contests here.  When I first started doing contests I arbitrarily started the first one mid-month and that became the pattern.  This was fine but now we’re going to be doing Red’s idea of a trivia contest for my shorts stories and I’d like to give you all a full month to get into things so we’re going to be launching the next contest June 1st.  I think.  I haven’t looked at a calendar so if June 1st is a Sunday we might technically wind up launching on June 2nd but you get the idea.

Also, since we’re skipping May’s contest we’re going to take that month’s prize money and lump it together with June. That means that it’ll be a $100 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs.

As for the quiz itself, well I’m working on it and it’s been challenging.  It’s pretty hard for me to tell if a question is difficult or not.  I want to have them scale in difficulty as the quiz progresses but that may be a pipe dream.  And right now it’s looking to be about fifteen questions, ideally one for each short story.  But, again, we’ll see how that’s looking a week from now.

That is all.