Part 1 Is Finished

beachthumbI wrapped up the first draft of Part 1 yesterday.  I rambled awhile ago about  my concerns as to its structure but looking back over it in my mind’s eye right now I’m happy with how it turned out.

If you’re new here, I’m talking about the first draft of the sequel to Probability Angels that is currently being churned out on my computer. Part 1 had turned into one gigantic scene which I had found odd. Okay.  Now you’re caught up.

Upon finishing this 20,000 word long single scene, though, I decided that it works.  I was able to connect all the dots and touch base with all the main characters and introduce the main plot elements to my satisfaction.  Obviously it needs a ton of work but all drafts do, I’m just saying that I’m no longer concerned that my structure was taking over and I was making choices to appease it rather than making choices to tell my story well .  My only lingering worry is that I wound up spending an awful lot of time with a character named Gary that I didn’t even know existed before and I’m not at all sure what to make of that.  Then again, if you had asked me if this book would be divided into parts when I started writing it, I probably would have said no, and yet parts abound and they seem to be working so I’m not worried about a rogue character stealing screen time.

Also, whenever I’m writing a plot-intensive story such as this one I tend to get really really excited and want to give things away…which is annoying.  Don’t let me do that.

Now all I have to do is figure out what comes next.  Hitting a section break of any sort is a great feeling but it can be jarring as you no longer have the flow you’ve been working with previously to guide you to your next day of work.  I have to go pick up a completely new thread which is a strange challenge.

Whatever. I’ll figure it out. I think.  To be honest Memorial Day is coming up on me fast and I’m planning on visiting the Jersey Shore and hopefully smoking some pulled pork so my concentration isn’t top notch this week.


  1. Can I read it??

  2. You may not. :p
    (it needs tons of work)