Video of me solving a Rubik’s Cube

rubikthumbI am a nerd, and as such I do nerdish things.

Management is more of a geek, and as such he tends to make geeky purchases.

Combine his latest purchase, a Flip video camera, with my one displayable talent and you wind up with the following video.

Management jumbles up a Rubik’s Cube; I sit down and solve the Rubik’s Cube.  Then I grin like a goofy goofy bastard at the camera. It takes me about a minute twenty to solve it, which is a little on the slow side but I was nervous around the camera.

Also I’m wearing my snazzy new Probability Angels baseball-t.



  1. Nicely Done, Joe!

  2. Well done. However (there is always that isn’t there) knowing how authors tend to operate at times. I would have to say this is a way of working through whatever you can’t in writing or as most of them are wont to have, your pet distraction. Gosh, knows I have enough distractions in any given day. Ooh, pretty sky….Pickles (my working dog) you want to go out and romp? Yeah, it doesn’t take much fo me. I would have to literally chain myself to the chair.

    Me and the Rubik,scube? Ha! In time, not even close to as quickly as you managed that one. It’s been years since I’ve picked one up…but I could be tempted. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. with the help of large bottles of alcohol, anything can be achieved!

  4. I can do the Rubik’s too but it takes me about 4 minutes. Of course humming cartoon theme songs helps the time to pass more quickly. Tom and Jerry is my favorite.

  5. josephdevon says:

    The alcohol and cartoon theme songs certainly help…

    And, Indigo, this is absolutely a pet distraction, it helps take the place of smoking, which used to be my all time favorite way to pause while writing.