swapthumbWhile writing Probability Angels I was on a very fixed time table.  When a section needed to be done it needed to be done.  It was going to go up on the site and I was hell bent on finishing my 26 Stories project without missing any deadlines (though I did miss one over Christmas).  I also never expected to be writing a book in this format.  The 26 Stories were supposed to be short stories, I kind of stumbled onto Matthew and Epp and the rest and they kept growing until I had a larger work on my hands.  The result was the weirdest book writing experience I’ll probably ever have.  Not only was each section written under an intense deadline, and not only did I not have a real idea of what was going to happen next most of the time, but once a section was published it was set in stone and I couldn’t go back and change things.

This was crazy. There’s a pretty good argument to be made that I write because I’m not particularly quick on my feet, because I need to sit and mull things over before making decisions, because words never come out of my mouth correctly but weeks later it will occur to me what I should have said in any given situation.

To write Probability Angels the way I did was madness.  I’ve forgotten how great it is to be able to go back to previous sections and change things that happened so that my story as a whole can work better.

Those following the blog closely will notice that my word count hasn’t moved much over the past few days.  This is because I’ve been delving around in the past rearranging some things that I don’t like now that I have some distance on them.  I mentioned a character named Gary a few weeks ago that had sort of stolen a large number of scenes at the outset.  Well Gary, because of his unexpected appearance, wasn’t a very interesting guy.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the unexpected characters can turn out to be wonderful.  Nyx was unexpected (I miss Nyx).  But Gary seemed a little vanilla to me, and when you add to that the fact that there was another character named Memphis who showed up for barely a half a scene and then never came back…well it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to take a great name like Memphis, a name that suggests a certain look and personality instantly to me, and use it on someone who barely showed up for a scene.

So I’m turning Gary into Memphis and Memphis into Gary.