tinmanthumbThere’s a new review of Probability Angels over at Bestsellersworld.com. I’m obviously biased because the review is very positive but I really enjoyed reading it and thought it was well written with some interesting points.  I’d advise you to go check it out.

In other news my back is currently possessed by the Dark Lord Satan and is doing some crazy stuff.  I’m unable to get comfortable in most positions and sitting at my desk for extended periods is right out.  Truthfully it’s rather comical and I bear a rather strong resemblance to the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz…only with less makeup. I am wearing a funnel on my head, though, but that’s for unrelated reasons.

I’m trying to do some rewrites on Part 1 of the next book but mostly I’m chuckling to myself at how stupid I must look standing up against the wall to get comfortable.


  1. this is fabulous! Not about the back, but about the book. Hoping the back feels better soon…