A Conversation About “Freaks and Geeks”

(The following text exchange took place between myself and a Very Good Friend the other day when I started watching Freaks and Geeks.)

Me: [6:17 PM] I finally started Freaks and Geeks.  Is that the guy from Knocked Up?

Me: [6:18 PM] That is the guy from Knocked Up.

Me: [6:19  PM] Holy shit is that Darth Vader? What is Hayden Christensen doing here?

Me: [6:21 PM] Oh wait, that’s not Hayden Christensen.  It’s that other guy from the smoking movie with the Knocked Up guy.

Me: [6:23 PM] Franco.  His name is Franco.

Me: [6:24 PM] He was in Spiderman.

Me: [6:25 PM] That’s not the girl from Juno right? It can’t be this was like ten years ago. It doesn’t even look like her. It just kind of looks like her.

Me: [6:27 PM] It’s not her. It’s some other girl who wasn’t in Juno.

Me: [6:28 PM] I’ll stop now.

Very Good Friend: [10:24 PM] Good talk.


  1. Hahah! I used (and I think am still) like that — your Very Good Friend, that is. People who sent me SMSs usually receive my reply hours later, with their original concern already taken care of by them themselves.