A Trip Down Memory Lane…via Amazon?

memoriesthumbI went to purchase some books at amazon this morning and for some reason an old address appeared when I went to check out.  Confused, I clicked the little “Different Address” button and was presented with the strangest list of addresses imaginable.  Every place I had ever sent a gift or book in the lifetime of my amazon account was suddenly staring out at me from my computer screen.  Old friends, girlfriends long gone, every apartment I’ve ever lived in, all of them flashing before my eyes like some weird Ghosts of Christmases Past.

I heartily encourage such a trip for any of you who have been dumping addresses into any online account like that with no regard for editing or trimming.

It was quite surreal and heartwarming.

Then again I also get thrown for a nostalgic loop whenever I think about Duck Tales so maybe this says more about me than anything else.