High on life…and paint fumes


My apartment was painted today.  This resulted in the odd scenario of me having to not be in my apartment while remaining nearby so that I could check in on the painters every so often.  So I couldn’t really go anywhere to do anything interesting and had to sort of linger over breakfast and lunch and read a lot in the park.  Which was fun as it was roughly 145 degrees out today.

I got a lot of the thinky/daydreamy kind of work done but not a lot of the typy/writey kind of work.

Technically, as the painting is over and it’s early-ish on Monday night, I could maybe get some writing done.  On the other hand, I’ve spent hours trying to get all my stuff back to where it was before I stashed it in my closet to get it out of the painters’ way, not to mention getting my computer set back up, all the while sucking down the paint fumes that are lingering in my apartment so I’m not sure I’m going to write tonight.  Also this talking tennis ball is chewing on my arm and everything feels sort of hedgehog right now.