Part Two Is Finished

Peach-faced LovebirdPart two of Persistent Illusions is done. The rough draft, anyway. When I typed “Part Two” into the site I use to dig up stock photos some weird auto-correcting-search-suggester changed it to “Parrot Two,” which is how I wound up with the  headlining photo.

I opted to keep this photo because those two parrots are quite obviously in love and Persistent Illusions is, at heart, a love story. Which is something that continues to baffle me. Yet there it is.  A love story somehow folded into this strange world where rotted things try to eat trickster angels and samurai workout to Avril Lavigne.

How on earth did I wind up here?

I’m happy with Part Two. There was less of the doubt I had concerning Part One. However I do worry that not enough is happening and here we are already a good 150 pages in.  Granted, during rewrites I’ll probably trim that down so that at this point we’ll only be 100 pages in, but still, it worries me that I’m not further along.

I should mention that when I say that “not enough is happening” I mean that I haven’t yet reached any of the crown jewel scenes that drew me to this story in the first place.  I can assure you plenty is happening (I might throw another bit out for Thursday’s post if I can find a scene that makes a lick of sense on its own). It’s just that the juicy scenes that have come up are not the juicy scenes that I daydream about writing when I think about this book.  They have been fun to write, explore and discover, for sure, but for some reason things longed for reward better than things stumbled upon, and I have a number of scenes that…well that I’m awaiting with a lot of excitement.  And none of those have shown up yet. So while crazy crap is happening part of me still feels a little empty.

But Part Two is finished.  And that is the main point.

It is also a completely useless piece of information as I have no idea how many parts there are total.



  1. If you don’t know how many parts there are how can it be Part 2?

    Oh, and I want to read it. (snaps fingers) Pronto.

  2. josephdevon says:

    I can say with some assurance that there aren’t any parts before these two…so I’m pretty sure I’m at the beginning of Part 3 now.