These People Are Crazy

penandpaperthumbNaNoWriMo is starting to gain momentum. That’s National Novel Writing Month to the layman. It starts November 1st.

Once a year there is a large push amongst the population to write an entire novel in one month.  I always find this beyond impressive and always think about doing it but then never do. This year in particular wouldn’t work as I’d have to either finish Persistent Illusions this month and then write a new novel during November, or put Persistent Illusions on hold and write an entire other novel over the course of November and then switch back to Persistent Illusions, which is beyond crazy.

The mix of people who participate ranges from first time authors to a few established names who want to join in the fun to masochists to a fair amount of people who have “Write a novel” on their list of things to accomplish at some point in their life.  Also I’d imagine a lot of these people are drunk.  Writing a book in a month is out of hand bonkers.

I do enjoy it when this rolls around, though, despite never having participated because it does provide a nice kick in the ass. These people are writing an entire novel in a month while I sit here sweating my lowly, by comparison, daily word count.

Plus, for me a lot of writing consists of getting the hell out of my own way and just writing the stupid book, so this time of year always helps me find an extra gear.

I will continue to watch as this gathers steam over October and am very much looking forward to the November launch.

They should sell tickets or something.