Time for a Time Sink

I love video games.  And it’s a great time to love video games. There are games that are light-years beyond anything I used to play as a kid available all over the web for free. It’s freaking awesome.

Today I thought I’d share some of the ways I choose to derail my productivity (some I’ve mentioned before).

First is something called Pangya, which is a game in which you apparently play a Japanese school girl in a mystical world where you fight dragons by playing golf.


I don’t even…I can’t…what?

I should point out that I haven’t actually played this game I just keep watching the trailer. It’s like someone fed me Nyquil, stole my dreams, then made a video game out of them while on acid.

Okay, so that one is a bit of a joke.

This one is not. In fact, this one is probably the most engaging set of puzzles I’ve ever played. We’re talking multiple roommates in separate rooms swearing at their computers at two in the morning back when this was discovered. Hapland. So simple, so easy, just click on the stuff and stuff happens. The goal is to make the little men light the torches. Back when this game broke my spirit there were three puzzles, now I think there are four. If you Google “Hapland” then a number they’ll pop up.  Here’s the first one. Be afraid:


If you played that and it stressed you out, or if you’re just stressed out for other reasons, this next one will be a welcome change.  Locoroco is a wildly popular game for the PSP or something but I don’t care because I just go here and play the free sample. I love it. I love it and it soothes me. You move these little singing blobs around and make them touch the flower that’s their color and then they sing. And as you move through the board and get more flowers the singing changes. And it is wonderful. I seriously play the first board of this game when I’m stressed. It’s a great use of sound in a video game. Damn those blobs can sing. Needless to say you sort of need your sound on to get this one.


Now back to maddening. For our final choice we have GROW. You drag the things from the side into the center and try to make the thing in the middle…you know…grow. This one is all about the order that you use the items in. Use them in the right order and they all work in sync and everything…grows…before the addition of each new item and you achieve maximum growth. It’s hard to explain but if you start clicking you’ll get it and then before you know it you’ll be sitting at your computer, bedraggled and starving, muttering to yourself: “But if I use the tornado the ball grows except I need the water to make the egg.” And off to the left there are like eight more GROW games.

Which is fun.


There you go.

That should kill the better part of your day.