In Which I Reference Myself

offcutsthumbSomehow staying in over the weekend to regroup from post-season baseball wound up with me being drunk for like forty-eight hours. Getting invited to yesterday’s Giants game, tailgate included, didn’t really help my plans for recuperation.

On top of non-writing duties I’ll be lucky to get through my word count for the new book and putting together a blog post is right out. So I’m just going to hit some highlights from the archives for the new readers I’ve been accumulating these past few months. It’ll be just like one of those clip show episodes that your favorite shows put out when they start getting lazy. How glamorous!

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The first obvious choice is my post on The 5 Stages of a Hangover. Remember that? It made us laugh, it made us cry.  Go read it now. I’ll just sit here in a cold sweat.

My short story “New York City Marathon” comes to mind. I feel I really captured how this city gets you drunk when you aren’t even trying. Go read it now. I’ll just sit here getting really angry at my neighbor’s cat for reasons I can’t remember.

Remember when I wrote my ten favorite moments from the 26 Stories project? I do. I liked the one about Kyo. Go read it now. I’ll just sit here scratching my skin. And you can bounce through the other moments by scrolling to the next post or the previous post.

I also liked “Liquid Calling.” Remember that? Crazy wasn’t it? With the stuff and the thing? Seriously though, out of all the twists I’ve written the one in this story might be my favorite. Go read it here. I’ll just sit here weeping.

If you’re a writer you might like the post where I talk about why I never want to think a story I’ve written is good before I publish it. It’s here. Go read it while I do something involving a hangover.

Remember when I saw that cliche walking around on the street? God that was funny. Go read it here.

Right. Wasn’t that awesome? What I’ve sacrificed in originality here I will now go pour into the new book.