A Holiday Dilemma

ugly sweater thumbMy friends and I are having a holiday party this weekend and somehow or other a small cadre of the attendees have decided to compete for the title of Ugliest Sweater.

As with a lot of things this was a wholly original idea that, as it turns out, has been done many times by everybody everywhere.

And that fact  is causing some problems. Apparently this type of event has become so popular that there’s a freaking run on Ugly Christmas Sweaters this time of year across all markets. Ebay gets flooded with them and, just as quickly, they get snatched up. The “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” online store seemed like a good option but their shipping isn’t fast enough.

I managed to scrounge up this wonderful display of cat-hatred and yarn (notice the pom-poms)…

ugly cat sweater

…but it turns out it’s a woman’s sweater (I’m going by the extremely feminine designer name).

Which brings up another disturbing trend. If you look at Ebay or the FunTimesGuide or any general search results you start to realize that the truly awful sweaters are all women’s sweaters.

The only theory I have to explain this is that the men’s sweaters are even uglier than these and get bought up faster.

I also kind of wonder what makes a sweater one gender or the other. Some are obvious, some…like the above example…well seeing as how I might need to cross-dress in order to compete at this Ugly Sweater Party I guess I’m hoping that the lines can be blurred a bit and that sweater gender exists in a gray area.

I mean the damn thing has pom-poms!

How can I not wear it?