New Year, Old Man

You know the drill people. Too much champagne, crowded bars, singing that Olde Lang Syne song.

New Years Eve is one of those nights that always feels like it should be more fun than it actually is, one of those nights where being in a movie version of life would be preferable because in the movies the big parties are always elegant affairs with enough room to mingle and talk and the line for the bar is always just long enough to start an engaging conversation but never so long that your drink runs out.

I never see people in the movies paying a cover to get into the same bar they always go to for free in order to stand in a crush of people and wait forty-five minutes for watery gin and tonics.

Oh well.

It’s still fun.

Make your resolutions and get your stories straight because 2009 is about to end.

2010 will be along shortly.

And once the safety bar is lowered there will be no leaving the ride.