Not that kind of Viral

Virusthumb The goal of internet marketing these days is to go viral, by which it is meant that your campaign takes root and begins to sprout new branches on its own. What is not meant by this terminology is that your computer suddenly starts throwing a billion popups in your face and then a fake Windows security alert appears telling you that you need to buy a malware program that doesn’t exist.

Which is what happened to me last week.

I really wish I was able to take snapshots of the crazy ass stuff my computer was doing because a lot of it was quite hilarious. I’m not sure what the point of this virus was, apparently it needed me to click on an order form which, I guess, would then ask for my personal information? I have no idea, all it really did was fuck my computer’s shit up. If that was its intention, then kudos. If there was some ulterior motive though, like getting my credit card number, then the fact that it froze my computer seemed to undermine these efforts. And if it wanted to key-log me and steal my passwords then frolicking around in the foreground like a frog in a top hat also seemed a bit counterproductive.

I also find it entertaining that the programmers behind this madness were capable of replicating the look of Windows’ warnings perfectly. I was fooled for about half a second when the warnings started popping up because it looked so credible. Then I remembered that the program sending me warnings doesn’t actually exist on
my computer. And then I read the warnings, which did things like misspell the word “computer.”

It would appear the rules are the same whether you want to hijack people’s computers or run a small business or write a book: god is in the details.

Everything seems back to normal on my end and I’m having my web guy double check things to make sure nothing weird wriggled its way into my website.

But, my, that was a nerve wracking few days.