The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Has a Lot of Balls

I wound up attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade last Thursday. It takes place down the street from me and yet I’ve managed to miss it for six years in a row.  This year I vowed to change all that.

I forgot how much I hate parades, though.

And this parade was…well here.

This is the first balloon I saw.

Ice Cream Cone

So I guess that one’s okay.  It’s ice cream. Kids like ice cream.  Fine.

Then came this.

Pikachu Ball

Awesome.  Though, again, I’ll let that one slide as I think it’s the ball from Pokeman…at least that’s what all the kids around me were screaming. You and I? You and I know that it’s just a stupid ball but apparently this ball is one of those, you know, famous balls.

Then comes this.


That one is so crappy it more or less looks like a real basketball that someone threw up in the air next to me that I snapped a picture of.  It isn’t. That was one of the balloons.

But wait. Because this came down the street soon enough.


There was no reaction to this one so I’m pretty sure this particular ball is not a world famous ball.

But you know what’s more exciting than a gigantic balloon of a ball nobody cares about?

That’s right!!


Two balls nobody cares about!!

Parades are dumb.