Joseph Devon Needs Your Fan Art

We’re starting a new contest today and it’s a larger one than the usual polls and quizzes. Basically I’m sick of not having any visuals to go along with my story so I’m bribing people to be my friends and make me some.

There are tons of really astounding communities all over the web putting up all manners of art and I wants me some.

The rules are outlined in more detail over here but really it’s a pretty basic concept.

Here’s how it goes.

Go read Probability Angels. Trust me you’ll like it.

Then paint, draw or computgraphicillytransmorgriphy a piece of art based on it and send it to me. There are some specific details about how to send me stuff, but really that’s it. And I don’t care what it is that you create, I want it. Photo mash-up? Ink sketches? Lego sculptures? Gimme gimme gimme. If my little team of judges picks your work you win your choice between a Wacom Tablet, Photoshop Lightroom combined with some color checking thing and a Spyder3 Elite, or Adobe Illustrator.  Those are some pretty crazy prizes…or so I’m told. I use Word. And please note I said “or.” You don’t get all of that, you get to pick one of those three packages. It’s explained a little better over at the contest page.

The contest will run until the end of April, that way newcomers get a chance to catch up with the whole Matthew and Epp thing.

So there you have it.

Go forth and create.

Details are here.