Part Three Is Done

There are, as best I can guess, five parts to this book. And now I am on part four. Granted, there’s basically no real way to tell how long a book is going to be.

People are always asking, “When you’re writing a book, how do you know when you’ve reached the end?”

And I always respond, “Easy. Everyone is either dead or married.”

Were I to actually ponder this question I’d have to say that I know my ending, and so I know when I get to it. I might not know exactly how it will play out, and my notion of how my story will end might change very dramatically in the months, and sometimes years, that come after: “Once upon a time.” But I always know my ending and, thus, I know when I’ve gotten there.

The ends of the various parts, on the other hand, are complete BS and I basically slap them in willy-nilly when I feel I’ve reached a nice dramatic point and enough stuff has happened since I last ended a part.

That’s really not much of an exaggeration. Then again, how I write a book or develop characters or string dialogue is more or less willy-nilly along with some slapping so I probably shouldn’t knock it.

A more artful way of saying this would be that the patterns of plot, known as parts, that emerge from a book are not visible while writing said book and are only truly visible in hindsight, as all patterns are.

The point, though, is that stuff has been happening and things are moving along and I’ve awarded myself another section break.

Two more left.

I shall now get back to killing and marrying everyone off.