Photo Gallery

I was going through my pictures last week and decided it was time to put up another crop of photos.

I should also mention that I’ve got an account over at which you can get to here:

My Page over at

They’ve got a great community and it’s fun to share so after some deliberation I decided to start putting my photos up in my gallery there. They were just sitting on my external hard drive doing nothing, which was silly.

But here’s a crop of pics from the last few months. You should be able to click on all of them to get a larger version.

I was on a nature walk with my family and my niece pointed out this log…

…as well as this leaf:

She’s got a really good eye for a five year old, if I do say so myself.

I was walking home one night, I forget why I had my camera on me, but it started pouring and I had to duck into a bar to avoid possibly destroying said camera. I started messing around trying to get shots of the rain. It wasn’t working too well as it was very dark so either the flash was needed which drowned out the background and lit up the immediate foreground or I could try with no flash but that wasn’t working too well either. Then I took a few shots of the bodega across the street (the one that sells caviar) hoping it was enough of a light source. Even then, though, I didn’t think I had much until I started messing about with Photoshop. I managed to pull this shot out of seemingly nothing. I think it captures the weather as well as the odd mix of colors that your average bodega displays. Add to that the grainy texture of the high-speed needed to photograph in that low light and it wound up with the feel of a painting.

Now from rain to fire. This is…well this is a fire. That should have been obvious. More precisely these are the red hot embers at the bottom of a fire in a fireplace.

One of my niece’s ( a different niece) crocs. This is obviously at the beach and it was right around sunset which everyone always says is a great time to take pictures. I have to agree with them. You can shoot anything in this light and it just turns out fantastic.

This is the view from yet another family member’s window. There’s a very very old YMCA across the way from him. I actually want to play around with this one more when I get some more Photoshop experience under my belt. I get the feeling there’s a lot more color to be pulled out of it.

The sunset on the building in the background was the main reason I shot this, and then while trying to crop it I discovered that every single different crop changed the picture entirely. It was hard to pick one but I wanted to get in as close as possible to the building.

I think this last one is my favorite. Nothing too crazy, just some branches from a bush in Central Park after our most recent blizzard, but for some reason it just pops well.