A Quick Update

I passed the 100,000 word mark a few weeks ago and I thought I should give an update on how the new book is going even though this usually devolves into babble and artsy talk.

Things are, to put it mildly, all over the freaking place. I’ve never written a book like this before. Through no overall plan, but because it was just the way things worked out, I always had people reading along as I wrote all my other books. Sections would get finished and given a little polish and then I’d give them out to a few friends. I decided before writing this one that I was going to try it alone for the entire first draft and I’m finding the experience very strange.

When you have someone read your work it solidifies it in a lot of ways. It’s a strange sensation but I always describe writing a story as bridge building. Only as the author the absolute most I can build is half a bridge. The other half doesn’t get built until you come along and read it and only then does the story become real. I know that’s a little hokey sounding but it’s the truth. Until my work has been observed by another party it doesn’t actually exist except inside my head. And that isn’t a story, that’s just me messing around. A story can’t exist with one person; it requires a teller and a listener.

At any rate, since nobody has been solidifying the past for me this time through I’m finding things to be freakishly fluid. I’ll change moods at the drop of a hat or slip in new plot points as they come to me. Not that you’ll ever know as I’ll go back and change the beginning during rewrites so it all flows as one and the old discarded decisions will no longer exist. Even I won’t remember them. Which I always find odd. Sometimes I go over old journal entries and am amazed at what my initial sketches read like for stories and chuckle that I could have possibly thought of naming so-and-so that (for the die hards you’ll be amused that Remmy was initially named Ralph in my first brainstorms…now be amused!).

All of which is to say that my “bad guy and side kick,” and I still find it very weird that I’m even writing stories with bad guys and side kicks, gelled completely over the course of this week and that I am extremely pleased with them now. Before they were kind of plodding along and were a little paper-cut-out-ish but now, to paraphrase Homer, “Mmmmmmm…bad guy.”

They changed so much in one instant, though, it’s going to be hell on the rewrites.

So that’s that.

Just wanted to give another update to those who are eagerly awaiting the next time I throw the doors open to the world of Matthew and Epp and Kyo and Mary to name a few.



  1. Remmy could not have been Ralph. That’s what I have to say about that.