I’m Not Here

So last Friday I left for a family vacation to Disney World and I’m not back yet.

I was going to write up a witty and clever post and schedule it to fire off this morning so you would never know I was gone but I got all hopped up on vacation thoughts last week and my discipline went to shit and I never wrote a post.

Then I thought I’d just put some pictures up…but I put up a photo album like a week ago and I haven’t taken any new shots.

Then I thought I’d put a riddle up or something to entertain you but I don’t know any riddles.

So we’re back to the guy going off the diving board in a kayak again.



  1. Laura Coraci says:

    I think it would be pretty funny to see him actually getting INTO the Kayak on the wobbly diving board as well…

  2. That was so “Not well thought out” and yet I derived such amusement from this video.