First Art Entry

The first entry to the fan art contest arrived a few weeks ago. I’m really not sure how many entries to expect. We’re still pretty small potatoes here at JD Industries but we’re growing every day and I’m hoping for a nice slew of fan art by the end. Of course there won’t be much for awhile, as is the nature of these things, so I got very excited when the first email with “Contest” in the subject came in.

Then I started chatting with the artist and I realized he is soooooo very not from around here. I’ve mentioned a few times how much I enjoy being able to cobble together readers from all over the world with the internet but it’s one thing to say it and it’s another thing for the first entry for your fan art contest to be from someone who was born in Buenos Aires and now lives in Israel. Who doesn’t speak English. Conversation has been rough but we’ve actually been chatting quite a bit on email.

And, technically, he didn’t paint this expressly for this contest, it was an older work of his but after reading Probability Angels he says that, “Matthew just reminded me of the angel standing with suitcase in hand in my painting, hesitating to take off from his life.”

I’m not entirely sure if this entry fits into the exact rules of the contest but I don’t really care as it’s freaking cool.

The artist is Ruben Cukier and you can visit his site here.

All the rest of you, get cracking. Contest ends April 30th.


  1. Laura Coraci says:

    I don’t think I can compete with that! It is very cool!

  2. I will adore *anything* that gets sent in. It still blows my mind that people will create things based on my words.

  3. Very Dali-esque. I like.