I Need Nominations

So over at Completely Novel they have an award up for the best author blogs on the web.

I’d like to make the final cut, but I need your help.

Please go over to this website, scroll down a bit and fill in my name, my website and how you found out about me into the three input fields.

You can click this button as an alternative option to clicking the forty other places I’ve given you to click on things:

You have to sign up in order to nominate someone but that will take all of one easy minute. I really appreciate this and you can win some prizes just for nominating and voting. But we’re not at the voting stage yet. Hopefully I’ll get to that round.

So, to recap:

1) Click here

2) Start to fill out the fields with your favorite author’s name (me) and URL (http://josephdevon.com). It will prompt you before submitting this to sign up so…

3) Sign up

4) Bask in the glory of having helped out an artist in need