Part Four is Done

I have no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it, but for some reason a group of men are absolutely demolishing the street in front of my building. And they’re using a jackhammer. And it starts very early and it goes all day. Also today they did something that screwed up the water lines on my block and I had no water and then I had brown water.

It has been a weird week and now I am insane.

However, since the only way I can not listen to a jackhammer is to put my headphones on and turn up some music nice and loud, and since the only place to listen to my headphones is my desk, I have been pounding away at the keyboard.

Today alone was a 7,000 word day.

Granted my book now revolves around all of my main characters being murdered by jackhammers but I’m sure that’ll all work itself out in the rewrites.

It is currently quiet and I am going to not type anything for awhile and enjoy the fact that the hardest section of the book is finished, there are only a few parts left, some of those are really kind of interim parts and I think that I have passed over to the point where this will seem more like rolling a boulder downhill than up.