The Google Search Game

I’ve chatted about Google here and there on this site, but recently I’ve discovered a whole new game to play with my favorite search engine. I can’t really take any credit for this, it’s starting to pop up in more and more places. It seems the kids these days have been doing this for awhile now with their hair and their rap music, but it’s new to me.

Basically the game consists of entering in a few words into the Google search bar and then seeing what things the suggested auto-fill searches say.

The first two I saw were, “Why does my boyfriend?” and, “Why does my girlfriend?”

I think we’ve all asked these questions at one point or another.

Why indeed?

See, the real beauty of this game is that it combines the neuroses and collective insanity of every search made on Google and then suggests the sum total of all of our fears.

It confirms our beliefs about certainly sparkly vampires.

As well as certain seriously wacko, yet catchy-as-hell, pixie singers.

Some of the better ones come about with the simplest of questions. “Why?” for example, reveals our deep seated racial misconceptions…as well as our deep seated desires to own Canadian people.

A lot of these, I have to imagine, are quotes or lyrics or references to things I’m just not cool enough to get. I have no other way to explain the raven question in both “Why?” and “Why is?”

Another fun aspect of this is that it will change over time as people collectively freak out about different things and the suggestions follow the trends. I encourage you to find your own and waste your Tuesday trying to get Google to tell you weird weird weird things about our collective unconscious.

I just hope this one never ever changes. Because I’m a giggling six-year-old at heart. And I poop rainbows.