Go Read the Best of Craigslist

There’s not a lot for me to say here. You know Craigslist. You know you’ve gotten rid of a couch once in your life using it but that there are also three hundred million other people out there doing god knows what with it. And you know that if you were to compile a greatest hits of Craigslist postings it would most likely be hilarious.

Well they have that. Here. Go read it.

Here are a few of the tons I wandered across just while eating lunch.

This all started with this one looking for a clown who would get drunk to celebrate a 30th birthday party. The clown didn’t need to perform, mind you, just get drunk:

This poor man was struck by the lagging economy and had to shut down his business causing him to sell every single one of his one thousand three hundred and twenty-five pope hats:

This one I can’t read without laughing out loud. Not only does the all caps lend an extra little bit of crazy to the whole proceedings, there’s the ending rejoinder where he sets your mind at ease that it is legal to sell anything dead as long as you weren’t the one who killed it. After all his good friend sold a skull right on e-bay not too long ago:

This man is selling a children’s guillotine.  I have nothing more to say on the subject:

Here’s a creative one. Want a bird house? Want a bee hive? Well you can get *both* together in one functional and practical device:

Yeah. The dude’s bird house got infested with bees and he’s trying to get someone to get rid of it free of charge. Well played, good sir.
This person is my hero. We’ve all been here. If they left this as a note on the car’s windshield as well then they are not just my hero but my god as well:

This one earned my respect. I admire someone who knows exactly what they want and isn’t afraid to go out and get it. And what this person wants is a taxidermist who knows kung-fu so that he can stuff various animals in martial arts poses:

We’ll end with this one because it’s book related, but really there are like a billion of these and you should just go to the site during your lunch break.