Less Than Two Weeks Left for the Contest

Just a quick reminder for today that there are less than two weeks left to get me your Probability Angels fan art for the big contest. Details are here.

I’ve already received such totally pertinent works like this one from Kevin Sarmiento Navarro:

This one from Darren:

And this from IceMan:

I’m not sure but I’m guessing these were all what’s known as drawer-cleaning exercises. I used to do this a lot with short stories. They’re neat and all but basically if you have art that’s been sitting in your desk drawer for awhile with no home you start firing it off to any contest you can find.

There have been real entries too, of course, I just got a kick out of these. After all who doesn’t remember the big pivotal scene involving a crow in Probability Angels? Uhhh….nobody? Me either. However I liked all these pieces and decided to share.

Point being?

Get your stuff in.

Mail it to me at joe at josephdevon dot com with the word “Contest” in the subject.