Haha…I wrote the headline for this post when it was just a blank document. It tickled me then; now I can’t bear to change it to something less 24-Hour-News-Cycle.

Anyhoo, the tilt of the earth’s axis has brought more direct rays of the sun to the northern hemisphere resulting in the season known as Spring. Following a hunch I went out to the park over the weekend to see if I could capture this “Spring” in photographs.

I was hopeful when I first left my building as the street was lined with these (you can click for larger sizes on any of the photographs):

The only problem was that was really the best of the bunch. I mean there were some other flowers out, like daffodils:

But I hate daffodils. They’re so prim and proper and stiff with their stupid stalks and overly ornamental petals. I mean, lighten up, daffodils.

Daffodils are like Nature’s annoying friend who can’t just drink his soda out of the can like everyone else. Oh no, daffodils need a glass and ice and a coaster and they sit there thinking they’re better than you in their tuxedo while you eat Pringles crumbs off your shirt.

And there were tons of forsythias out. But who cares about forsythias? They’re everywhere.

I like this shot, though,because it looks like the green bush is consoling the yellow bush while the yellow bush throws up over the wall. You all see that too, right? Yes? Good.

Then again forsythias made me take this picture, which I really love. It’s one of those Couldn’t-Plan-It-In-A-Million-Years shots. The boys just started climbing while I was shooting the forsythia. I call it, “The Boys Who Just Started Climbing While I Was Shooting The Forsythia.”

And there was a ton of white out, especially in the trees. This shot reminds me of that Seurat painting with the lady with the big butt:

This one:

I think they called them “bustles.”

I really only found a few spots of colors other than white and yellow. Like these guys:

But they were rare.

Is there some sort of rule about when certain colors bloom? Like maybe there’s a rhyme? Something like:

“In early Spring you get yellow and white, but later on other colors delight.”

I’m not saying we need to start teaching it at pre-school or anything but if it’s true it’d be nice to know because the big guns were most certainly not out yet.

See this?

Those trees in the background are supposed to be exploding with crazy pinks and reds and blossoming goodness.

They’re not.

In the end the picture I took which summed up my feelings best was this one:

Yeah, you can fly a kite in this weather…but it ain’t Spring.

Not yet.

Maybe we’ll revisit this again in a few weeks.