They Still Make That Stuff?

I saw an ad for Pepperidge Farm Raisin Cinnamon Swirl Bread yesterday.

I haven’t seen this stuff since I was eight. Anyone out there still eat this on a regular basis? I didn’t even know it was still around, it’s dropped entirely off of my radar.

Just out of the bag it’s nothing special but this stuff, toasted, with a little pat of butter on top? Oh my god. It’s amazing to me that a taste this profoundly linked to my childhood could fall out of my head so completely.

And then, once I went to the Pepperidge Farm website, well at that point the floodgates opened.

Their cookies?

I mean my god, I had forgotten how flaky Milano’s are and how buttery the Chessmen are and the fruit filling in Veronas and Montieris and ohhhmygod.

My mouth is actually salivating as I look at those pictures.

I have no point here except that life is short and desserts were perfected by the people at Pepperidge Farm a century ago so we should all stop kidding ourselves and buy their food stuffs.

Seriously. How have I forgotten about Pepperidge Farm for the last fifteen years of my life?

Seeing these pictures and looking back at a life without Pepperidge Farm…it’s like I haven’t been living. It’s like I haven’t been living one damned bit.