Facebook is Dumb

Facebook is a giant social media thing that is very important and has a movie coming out. Most of my time on Facebook is spent either throwing up quick links on my Joseph Devon page or logging into my personal account so I can make fun of my friends. I wouldn’t say I was a very robust user of the site. Addicted and on nearly constantly thanks to my iPhone, yes, but having spent a bit of this afternoon poking around I must say I that I had no idea what the fuck was going on here.

For instance, did you know that farting has a page on Facebook?

That one gets some points for the dude in the cowboy hat.

Still weird.

This one is just stupid:

Who the hell is a fan of yawning? And more importantly why does yawning have more fans than I do?

I mean, I guess there’s some universality to those two, but seriously? Do people like yawning that much? Enough to be a fan? You can be a fan of a movie or of a game or of a band but can you really be a fan of an involuntary bodily reaction?

This one, now, I can get behind:

I can see that one having tons of fans but is that really the best picture they could find for their fan page?

Way to go the extra distance. Making Out, what all Phosphate atoms love to do.

Hey, did you, while reading this, start to wonder what would happen if you combined some of these pages together? Neither did I. But here it is anyway:
Well done, civilization. Well done.

Back to dumb:

You lose points for calling it pop as well. Also, stop complaining.

In the end…well in the end I have no idea what’s going on but I know it’s fun. And I know I am now a fan of this group: