The Art Contest is Over

Just a quick announcement here regarding the fan art contest that wrapped up last Friday.

Uhhh…so the fan art contest wrapped up last Friday. I received a very nice array of entries and wound up meeting a number of new artists. Good times all around so you can bet there’ll be another one of these, most likely for the sequel. A sequel to the contest for the sequel to the book.

The results won’t be coming out till a couple of weeks from now. I have to assemble my elite team of judges and what with Oprah’s busy schedule she can never make it out from Chicago unless you give her like twelve days notice so it’s going to take some time. Plus, have you ever tried getting her and Yo-Yo Ma together in the same room to judge a contest? Not easy. There was some…unpleasantness last time. Serves them right for fighting over Stephen Hawking’s parking space.

Anyway once I get my judges together I’ll have the results to you and we can all celebrate and laugh like children.

But the contest is closed.

That’s the main point here.