African Animal Names are Awesome

I was looking up the name of African mammals the other day and I learned something (don’t bother asking why I was looking up the names of African mammals the other day because I’m not telling you). I learned that the names of the animals on my continent suck.

I can’t even find one funny sounding animal on my continent, and yet just look at these fine African names:

Naked Mole Rat (yow…how do the other mole rats feel about this?)
Chlorocebus (apparently that means “monkey”)
Aye-Aye (Arrrrrrrr…I be your captain!)
Aardwolf (that isn’t a typo…it’s not an aardvark, it’s a freaking aardwolf…the mind reels)
(Bingo Bango)
Barbour’s Rock Mouse (there’s a god damned apostrophe in that one…who is Barbour and why does he get to have the rock mice?)

And finally:

Dik-dik (heeheeheehee)

The dik-dik (mmph…heeheehee) actually has a ventilator on its nose to keep cool. It also has smelly holes in its eyes that it stick twigs in to mark its territory. Its all there in the fascinating and for all I know made up wiki entry.

What the fuck do I get? Raccoons? Raccoons suck.

Stupid continent.

The book’s going well by the way.



  1. I just accidentally stumpbled upon this and I just wanted to say it’s hilarious!