It’s Officially Summer; Now I Stop Making Sense for Three Months

As a good friend of mine once said, “There’s drunk. There’s really drunk. And then there’s wedding drunk.”

I just got back from spending a lovely weekend in Dallas complete with three nights of ribald chicanery, way too much drink and food and a trip to a mall for some reason. The mall was a rough outing for me. Oh, and some good friends were joined in marital bliss.

Since I’ve been traveling all day and drinking for the past seventy-two hours I am brain dead. And you know the drill when I’m brain dead. Instead of my usual witty banter I just throw videos at you.

Here is an action scene from Bollywood’s finest. They are miles ahead of us.


  1. Rex S. Wignall says:

    Hey, I’m one of the fifty you met on the wedding weekend in Dallas. I hunter down your website, and will take time to read some of your writing. I had a blast at Nate and Laura’s wedding — it was a real joy to be asked to perform the ceremony. Tell me more about the trip to the mall — I was probably off with Laura’s dad and some of his friends playing golf (the day of the wedding). I’ve been to Dallas several times recently, and I find it an interesting city that I’d like to “browse” more of.

    I’ve forgotten your connection with Nate and Laura. There was the University of Virginia contingent, the Penn contingent, a smattering of Emory University folks, the Dallas and Houston crowds, and some of the we-know-them-both-from-NYC group. (I expected the NYC group to be louder, more bulging carotid artery types, but they seemed genuinely house-broken.)

    I’ll return to your website from time to time to see what’s up.

    – Rex (I don’t need to stinking avatar) Wignall