Back when the Stanley Cup Playoffs started there was a little fad going around with various fans whereby they did not shave for as long as their teams were still in the race.

This is my lower face currently (complete with contemplative author hand-on-chin and expression):

Notice the rugged beard beginning to coat my skin? No? Well you notice how it looks like a balding rat has died on my face? Yes? Right, so I’m not one-hundred percent positive here but I think I might go ahead and not shave until I finish the first draft of my book. Seems like a fun thing to do and since I’m basically under self-house arrest till I’m done it’s not like my beard would have the chance to frighten too many women and children.  And once it gets itchy I think it would provide some useful motivation.

Plus I’ve never grown a beard.

Then again, as that photo proves, I probably never will…